What Makes OSSPT Different?

Our physical therapists are residency and fellowship trained.

Our PT’s have completed years of additional training via orthopedic and/or sports residency programs and are board certified clinical specialists. Less than 3% of physical therapists are Orthopaedic Certified Clinical Specialists and even fewer are Sports Certified Clinical Specialists throughout the US. Additionally, several of our PT’s have completed an orthopedic manual therapy fellowship, earning the distinction of FAAOMPT.  Less than half of 1% of physical therapists in the US have this distinction, with the majority of those who do no longer providing clinical care on a daily basis. All this additional training means that we can better diagnosis, treat, and solve complex patient problems more easily.

In our clinic, you will be evaluated and treated by the same dedicated therapist throughout your entire rehabilitation process.

In many other clinics, patients are evaluated by one PT and then passed off to a variety of different clinicians each visit. Literature shows this can negatively affect patient progress and outcomes. At OSSPT, you will see the same therapist each visit.

We are one of the few remaining locally and independently owned PT clinics in the entire OKC metro.

Take confidence in knowing that the only reason physicians recommend us is based on our quality of care  and excellent patient results. Unfortunately over the last decade, many of the previously locally owned PT businesses have sold to hospitals, investment groups, and/or orthopedic physician groups. As one of the few remaining privately and locally owned clinics, you don’t need to worry about any ulterior motives for why your physician referred you to OSSPT and you can can take pride in knowing you are supporting a TRULY locally owned business.

To better serve you, we offer extended hours and are available when you need us.

We understand that with work, school, and/or life demands, we need to be convenient to you! We offer appointments as early as 7:00am and as late as 6:00pm on weekdays and offer  Saturday morning appointments as well.

We offer payment plans.

Financial constraints should not prevent you from receiving the care you deserve. We offer several payment plan options (interest free) to lessen your upfront out-of-pocket healthcare expenses. Additionally, we offer discounted private pay rates for patients without insurance or those with high deductible plans. 

We are in network with every major and local insurance.

We want to be available to every patient and we take pride in being available to anyone and everyone who is hurting and needs PT. We also treat workers compensation and MVA cases.

Patients always have the right to choose which physical therapy clinic they wish to attend. Take ownership in your healthcare and choose the best PT clinic for you!