Spine Care

Whether it be neck, upper, or lower back pain or dysfunction, let us help you to determine how these often inter-related structures are affecting your pain and ability to function in the home, at work, and during all of your recreational activities. Starting with our thorough evaluation until the day you are discharged from our care, we will help you identify the issues surrounding your joints, muscles, and surrounding body tissues that are influenced by your mobility and flexibility, and ultimately altered by your body’s natural neuromuscular (system) inhibition or facilitation that creates your movement patterns.

We will assist you in pinpointing these biomechanical flaws or compensatory patterns and teach you how to use these developments to your advantage and how we must individualize a treatment plan to influence appropriate changes to make you move and feel better.

Often with spine patients, our manual therapy, including joint and soft tissue manipulative and mobilization techniques, can help modulate your pain and/or dysfunction, as well as significantly reduce your discomfort such that your limitations become non-existent. We will help train your body, muscles, and mind through specific therapeutic exercise to reorient them to positive movement patterns that will dissuade your pain and dysfunctional movement patterns. Our aim is to determine what your individual issues and dysfunctions/problems are, design a unique and personal treatment approach, and guide you through the most optimal methods for executing your plan.