As an essential business, we have an obligation to the general public to be available to offer much needed physical therapy services for those in pain and/or post-surgical patients. The CDC has encouraged physical therapists to be a first course of treatment for all musculoskeletal conditions, in an effort to help reduce the amount of patients in the physician’s offices, urgent cares, and emergency rooms. 


We take the health and safety of our community very seriously and want you to know the steps we have taken to improve the safety of our staff and patients, which include the following:

  • Mandatory Masks: to help reduce risk of spread, we are requiring masks being worn for all patients and staff while in the clinic; masks are available upon request.
  • Temperature Checks & Hand washing: upon entering the clinic, everyone is temperature checks and asked to immediately wash hands
  • Social Distancing: we have modified the layout of the clinic to move all treatment tables and exercise stations are 6+ feet apart.
  • Private Rooms: we have multiple private rooms available for our higher risk patients and/or per patient requests.
  • Disinfectant Process: all equipment, tables, pens, clipboards, etc. are fully sanitized after each patient use before being used again by another patient.
  • Quarantine Period: any patient or staff member that presents with any signs or symptoms of COVID-19, any individuals who have traveled outside the state of Oklahoma, or any individual previously in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, has been asked to self quarantine for at least two weeks symptom free.
  • Telehealth Options: we are available those in need who are uncomfortable or unsafe to leave the home. For more information on setting up telehealth appointments, please call at (405) 735-8777.
  • Per normal company policy, all staff is required to wash hands prior to and after contacting any patient with soap and warm water for at 20+ seconds.
  • Our staff has continually been trained and updated for possible signs and symptoms to look for with patients and other staff members.
  • We are fully stocked on hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap, tissues, and disinfectant.  

We are constantly checking and updating our policies per all Federal, State, and Local guidelines and will continue to do our part to make our clinic safe for all patients and staff. 

Welcome to Orthopedic Spine & Sports Physical Therapy (OSSPT)!

Our Mission: As movement and musculoskeletal experts, we provide the highest quality of care to create happy and healthy patients. Healthcare costs are rapidly increasing, and the quality of PT must match those rising costs. Our patients deserve the best, and that is what we aim to provide.

Our Treatment Philosophy: Our services go far beyond just treating the patient’s current symptoms; instead, we identify and treat the underlying cause of complaints to ensure lasting improvement. Frequently, physical therapists chase short term pain relief without problem-solving to determine the source of the patient’s issues. At OSSPT, we constantly utilize the most current research and scientific literature to systematically develop our treatment approach for each individual. We are firm believers in the efficacy of manual therapy for all conditions, including soft tissue and joint mobilization and manipulation. We integrate this methodology to positively impact neuromuscular systems while incorporating corrective exercises to address mobility, flexibility, and strength deficits. Finally, we ensure our patients have the foundation and tools to recognize and self-treat potential future episodes before they need professional assistance.

Patient Testimonials

  • Jeff was awesome. When I came in I couldn’t move my shoulder, it was very painful, and I was very scared to move on my own. Jeff calmly walked me through every step and lifted my confidence. After several appointments, my range of motion came back 100%. Thanks to Jeff and the other staff. I am feeling great!

    – Cherri

  • Great personable staff. Shawn provided an excellent explanation about the reason for my condition – no other health professional has ever done that. It helped me understand the treatment better.

    – Debbie M.

  • I have been to several other clinics, but this was the first one where I finished my PT and my pain was actually gone.

    – Marthie O.